Plaster and Cladding work in Dubai

Plaster and Cladding work in Dubai



Plaster  services in Dubai | MR L.LC in Dubai

Domestic & Commercial Plastering services in Dubai

Plastering is not easy task to do. It would need years of experience and practice to make an excellent finish job. So in this way, it is compulsory to select a company and team of professionals who have been in the industry for quite a long time working in Dubai who know about the stander of Dubai. This can give you guarantee and satisfaction that the interior and exterior of your home or office will look good, attarctive and stunning. With that, you should hire Plastering Services in Dubai. MR Tech.L.L.C in Dubai to arrange for you Plastering services in Dubai and a vast range of services from resizing down to improving your home or office (internal and external).

  • Interior Exterior Plastering;
  • Domestic & Commercial Plastering;
  • Plastering new ceilings or repairs;
  • Removing & Replacing Damaged Ceilings;
  • Cornice Moulds, curves & ceiling rose restored;
  • Making new plaster moulds;
  • Old Lath plaster removed and replaced;
  • Plaster boarding & Skimming;
  • Coving installed or restored;
  • Rendering;
  • Damp proofing;
  • All general plaster work.

Our Plastering Services in Dubai is a trusted and reliable and we can provide you first-class plastering as well as painting, decorating and wallpapering for yours house or office in Dubai.

We have well-trained and skilled plasterers staff who have good experienced in handling tough and complex projects yet were able to deliver a great finish jobs. Further, our experts in company can assist you to build and repair your floors, walls, ceilings and decorative fixtures in yours house or office. We will undertake every project honestly as if they are taking care of their own homes or office. We always practice careful and thorough approach and methods in modern way with modern techniques.


Wall Cladding companies in Dubai | MR L.LC in Dubai

Roofing & Cladding

We provide roofing and cladding services in Dubai to projects right in the Dubai including the major commercial canters of Dubai and residential apartment or villas.

As part of the finishing process, Al Madder Metal & Aluminum Construction Factory supplies of a large scope range of roofing and cladding services in Dubai to complete the installation or refurbish an existing one.

Aesthetics are an important characteristic of new builds and the front of a building can make a very positive and attractive statement. We can provide a cladded frontage or fascia which outstanding quality and makes your property in attractive model.