Cleaning services in Dubai

Cleaning services in Dubai



Life’s little details as like cooking, laundry and cleaning are not meant to make you feel disturbed out. Somewhat, they retain you active. Still, if you are feeling short of time, and a desire to put your feet up maid your hectic timetable, we are here in front of you with our efficient cleaning services such as Home Cleaning Services, , Laundry , Maintenance Services, Decoration Work and Fit out Services.

An admirable service does not only mean doing it in an admirable manner, but doing it your own choice. In order to ensure extremity satisfaction at your end, we always welcome your explicit instructions such as:

  • Making to be sure that all windows are open while ours cleaner is doing cleaning job so that dust does not remain trapped inside the house.
  • Making to be sure that the ours cleaner uses Dettol to rinse the mop and rags.
  • Cleaning everything in your room without touch anything on your side table for you desire to clean it on your own end.
  • Leaving the kitchen door open and windows after the cleaner is done with cleaning to let the dry air go out.

We would request you to email your directions ahead of time to us so we can on time forward the instructions to our cleaners.

House Cleaning Services in Dubai

We make sure on time household tasks for you while keeping cleanliness as our cleaner focus. Our home cleaning services be composed of full mopping job; dusting furniture and appliances out; vacuuming job; and kitchen cleaning.

Handyman Services in Dubai

If something requirements to be fixed and you are not having on time to get it done, we MR Tech.L.L.C propose you out standing handyman services in Dubai. Be it odd jobs or fix up tasks; our handymen do these using their best experience in the field.

Office Cleaning Services in Dubai

Office cleaning or commercial cleaning is also one of our major jobs in Dubai. Individuals or business men can call us at +971-50-9605832 us for cleaners to get different areas cleaned. Our cleaners will arrange things in order at your workplace.

Maintenance services in Dubai

Our cleaners: not only do they take care of the cleaning job as per your instructions, but ensure the maintenance of the same with excellence. They make sure that the facility, furniture and fixtures are in place.